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Yoga on the Go

Yoga on the go is not entirely about your physical practice, it’s important to carry that final savasana peace of mind with you too.  Here are a few helpful tips to deal with the stressful hustle and bustle of traveling during the holidays.

Unpack: As soon as you arrive at your destination, unpack your suitcase and organize your clothes, light an aromatherapy candle and play some music. It will feel amazing to stretch your legs and dance to the music after your long trek, and in 10 minutes, you’ll feel organized, at ease, and ready to take on the holiday festivities that lay ahead!

Light a candle: Aromatherapy candles are an inexpensive way to utilize the benefits of aromatherapy. These candles have a balancing effect on mental health and mood and can alleviate stress; they can also provide respiratory relief and reduce headaches.  Lavender has many therapeutic attributes like soothing coughs and colds (‘tis the season) and reducing anxiety with its tranquil properties.  Not a fan of lavender?  Citrus smells like tangerine, lemongrass and grapefruit are known to clear the mind and ease muscle fatigue with their invigorating properties and scents like cedar and patchoili are warm, earthy and comforting.  Check out Aroma Naturals travel-size soy and beeswax candles.

Take a bath: Bubble baths aren’t just for kids!  Relax muscles, calm your mind, moisturize, stimulate circulation and clear your lymph system – all with a simple bath.  Draw your bath water hot enough to induce a sweat and lay a cool towel across your forehead to avoid feeling lightheaded.  Add a few drops of essential oil like lavender to calm your mind and add coconut or olive oil to moisturize your skin.  Be sure to hydrate afterwards and you’ll fee like you just left a spa!

Now that you’ve unpacked and are settled in, you’d like to squeeze in a vinyasa practice before meeting up with the crazy family for dinner, but you’re hundreds of miles from your favorite yoga studio…it’s time to modify your routine.

Explore: I love visiting a new studio when I travel.  It’s fun to learn different techniques or variations of poses, and it’s good to mix things up and try new sequences! It also serves as a wonderful reminder that yoga is universal. Do a little pre-travel research to find a studio with drop-in rates or visit lululemon.com to find a local store that offers free community classes.

Can’t find a local yoga studio? With the following yoga accessories, you can practice in your hotel room or your old room at your parent’s house.

Yoga Apps:
Pocket Yoga, $2.99, offers 27 different yoga sessions you can customize to level of difficulty, duration and practice style.  Practices in Pocket Yoga are designed from the world-renowned school of Gaia Flow Yoga.  All-In Yoga, $.99, contains 40 ready-to-go yoga programs and the option to create your own, 30 breathing exercises and 4 meditation and relaxation exercises, and is loaded with over 300 poses, each featuring photo, video and audio guides.

Accessories: Travel mats are lighter, flexible and can easily fold up into your suitcase.  I like Jade Yoga’s Eco-Friendly Travel Mat, which is made in the USA and from natural rubber.  Barely have enough space to squeeze a pair of socks in your suitcase? Pack your ToeSox instead!  ToeSox have small, circular, rubber grips on the bottom to keep your feet firmly rooted in your downward dog. 

Apps and accessories aside, the only two things you really need to practice yoga on the go is a clear mind and open heart.  So what if you flub the sequence of sun salutation – do what feels good to your body and just go with the flow!

 Happy Holidays Yogis!

Peace. Love. Namaste,


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