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Pump Your Buns

NO, not those buns!
Pancake butt, flat @$$, saddle bags, junkless in the trunk…laugh and call them what you like, but in all honesty, most girls feel that a flat booty is unflattering.  It may sound vain, but a round, tight booty makes us look and feel fabulous in our Lululemon crops.  While the goal to attain cute yoga buns can be an immense challenge as desk jobs, age and gravity take its toll, (and sure, some of the booty flatness is genetic,) don’t fret – there  are yoga moves you can do to help pump ‘em up!

The 411 on Your Buns

  • Your butt is the largest muscle in your body.
  • The technical term for your buttock region is gluteals.
  • The main function of your gluteals is to extend and laterally rotate the hips.
  • Your gluteals are comprised of 4 muscles:
    • Gluteus maximus – the largest and most superficial of the gluteal muscles that makes up a large portion of the shape and appearance of your butt.
    • Gluteus medius – these muscles are at the side of the hips and aid in lateral movement.
    • Gluteus minimus – small, fan-shaped muscles beneath the gluteus medius that aid in thigh abduction.
    • Tensor fasciae latae – a band-like muscle of the thigh that borders the outside of the gluteus medius.
  • Your butt is lazy…though it’s the driver for most of your body movements, it can behave much like a couch potato and only exert enough energy to get the job done.  You need to push yourself past the burn and challenge those glutes to keep them bootyful!

Check out these 5 “Pump Your Buns” yoga poses

  1. Crescent lunge: keeping your hips square, hold this high lunge variation for 10-20 breaths – really squeeze the glute of the leg that is straight and make it work!
  2. Chair pose: sit back as if actually sitting in a chair, weight in your heels, lift your toes.  For an added challenge, rise up on your tippy toes and hold for 10 breaths.  Embrace the shake, feel the burn!
  3. One-legged plank: while in a normal plank, lift one leg about a foot from your mat, keeping your hips square.  Hold for 10-30 seconds, then switch legs.  You can tap your toe to the ground with each breath to take your mind off the burn!
  4. Bridge: to really activate your glutes in this pose, tuck your tailbone and sink your belly button to your spine while up in bridge.  You can use a block in between your knees to also activate your inner thighs.  Lift one leg up to the sky and hold for 10-20 breaths to really make the glutes of your planted leg work!
  5. Locust pose: while in locust, squeeze your butt cheeks like you have a $100 bill between them!  Sounds silly, but sometimes it’s the simple and silly solutions that can make a difference!

Kick those glutes into high gear during your next mat session — squeeze, breathe and embrace the burn!

Peace. Love. Namaste.


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