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Perform Beautifully

“For outdoor adventure, not the couch”: that was the motto I submitted for the Oakley Women’s Perform Beautifully campaign agreement!

Oakley’s new campaign aims to encourage and inspire women to “perform beautifully” in their active pursuits, careers, family lives and everything in between.  The Perform Beautifully Collective is an online community for women who share a like-minded enthusiasm for living a happy, healthy, active lifestyle.  Of course, it’s also to promote their brand, and with catchy slogans like “for running, not running errands,” and “for exercising, not socializing,” Oakley is certainly grabbing the attention of female fitness fanatics.

Last week I had the amazing opportunity to attended the Oakley Progression Session  women’s training camp.  Back in February, I had come across an ad from Shape Magazine to enter an online contest for Oakley – they were searching for a San Diego ambassador and I was feeling lucky that day, so I submitted my entry.  I was ecstatic to receive the email that I was one of 200 amazing women selected to participate in the event.

 Women of all ages, body types and athletic backgrounds attended the training camp, held at Bonita Cove in Mission Bay.  I was amazed to hear that some athletes had traveled from L.A, Orange County and Palm Springs to participate.  The sun was shining, the ocean breeze was blowing, and we were enjoying a fun, action-filled afternoon – everyone was all smiles.

The morning kicked off with a 45 minute bootcamp workout led by Cari Shoemate and Carrie Barnhart, who founded Bombshell Bootcamp in Houston.  These blonde beauties were TOUGH and delivered a plyometric-packed sweat session filled with burpees, 180-degree squat jumps, alternating lunge jumps, push-ups, sumo squats, plank jacks, side planks and just about every other kind of plank.  It kicked my buns, in a good way!

We rolled out our yoga mats for a sweet and sweaty vinyasa session under the Shape Magazine dome, led by Oakley brand ambassador Lacey Calvert.

Next, a nutrition seminar with Marni Sumbal: a down-to-earth, super cute, vegetarian triathlete and certified bad-ass!  She’s a registered dietitian with an M.S. in Exercise Physiology, a 5x Ironman finisher, triathlete coach and dog mom among many other things.  Her nutrition philosophy focuses on developing a positive relationship with food and the body and she encourages individuals to think beyond diet and exercise and be mindful of sleep, stress and attitude management.  Check out her blog, TriMarni, for recipes, nutrition and workout tips.

Shape Magazine and Oakley provided an amazing lunch from Soul Cal food truck, posted a pop-up store to check out all the latest Oakley gear, and sent each one of us home with a sweet swag bag which included a yoga mat, socks, headbands, beach bag, April’s Shape Magazine, and $20 gift card!

I didn’t walk away with the title of an Oakley ambassador, but I did walk away with an inspired outlook on my health and fitness goals, a new obsession for Marni Sumbal’s blog, super sore glutes, a few new friends and a big smile on my face – it was an awesome day!

Peace. Love. Namaste.


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