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Jubilee Me!

Jubilee – a joyous festivity. Nicole Barrote’s line of all natural, organic, multi-purpose mist, Jubilee! will certainly give your mind, body and spirit a reason to rejoice!

Nicole is Founder and Director of Learn Pure, a wellness company that specializes in dance, yoga, personal training, overall fitness and wellbeingJubilee! is one of the latest additions to the impressive array of Nicole’s wellness offerings.  A native Oregonian, Nicole grew up a multi-sport athlete and dancer, which paid off later in life with a full ride track and field scholarship at the University of Oregon to earn her B.S. Degree in Psychology and Dance.  Click here  to read Nicole’s bio and professional background.

Nicole in Vrschikasana (Scorpion Pose)

I met Nicole two years ago during one of her yoga classes at a local fitness center.  She noticed my U of O water bottle (I too am a native Oregonian and proud U of O alumni) and asked if I was from Oregon.  We struck up a conversation and connected immediately – two ducks of a feather flock together!  Aside from the things we have in common, it’s easy to connect with Nicole because she is a genuine, down-to-earth, fun loving, positive woman who possess a zest for life which inspires those around her.

I wanted to learn more from Nicole about the Jubilee! brand and thought you would too.

J: What inspired you to create Jubilee?

N: Before Jubilee! mist was created, my students would ask me, “what should I use to clean my yoga mat? What can I use to relax my sore muscles? My sinuses are plugged, what do I do?” I found it difficult to recommend one product that encompassed all their needs. I created Jubilee! because there was a need for it.  We can now put our face where our feet have been and enjoy our Ujjayi Pranayama (breath work)!  I’m thrilled that Jubilee! is able to help so many types of people go deeper into their yoga practice, relieve muscle soreness, open their sinuses and cleanse their mat.   

J: Where did the name come from?

N: I originally wanted to call my blend “Happy Mist” but it was taken and I like Jubilee! better because it means to celebrate or a festival which perfectly describes the emotion one feels when you mist yourself or others. It’s a party for the olfactory senses!

J: What makes Jubilee different from other products?

N: The ingredients are from organic farms where I grew up in Oregon. Jubilee!  is handmade in the U.S.A. Product packaging is made from recycled materials and shipped in recycled boxes.  Our body mist, roll-ons, cleansers, bath salts and aromatherapy sprays are multi-purpose blends safe for sensitive skin with NO emulsifiers, preservatives or alcohol. Jubilee! uses a higher portion per oz of powerful, organic essential oils so the efficacy increases to kill bacteria and mold naturally.  This also neutralizes odor causing bacteria, aka the funk in your running shoes, work out gloves, sweaty mats, gym bag, car, YOU, etc. (you-fill-in-the-blank!)

J:  How important is it for consumers to be aware of what products they use on their bodies?

N: Just as important as it is to eat, sleep and move our bodies! Our skin is our biggest organ – it’s an absorbent magnet!  Anything our skin absorbs will wind up in our blood stream, so it’s important to use pure, organic products on and around our body at every opportunity.

J: What should they look for on the ingredients label?

N: Just because the label says “natural”, doesn’t mean it is!  Household name brand products have jumped on the green band wagon, changed their labeling to leafy images and natural verbiage, but they are dangerous to ingest and unhealthy for the skin. It’s so important to carefully read labels – it may add a few extra minutes to your shopping trip, but you’ll leave the store feeling confident you’ve purchased a safe product vs. being tricked by fancy marketing. If an ingredient on the label is hard to pronounce, it’s most likely bad. If there are multiple ingredients you don’t recognize then it’s best to put the product back on the shelf!

J: What has the feedback been from your students/consumers who use Jubilee?

N: I have received positive (and somewhat random) comments from people of various professions, ages and hobbies. From chiropractors & physical therapists who use Jubilee! while performing ultrasounds, “Hand me that Jube lube!” to athletes that use it to relax muscle cramps, “I was able to continue working out pain free!” Advanced yogis have commented on improved breathing while meditating, but my favorite comment came from an elderly woman, “It’s like cat nip for humans!”

J: I personally use Jubilee! to relieve neck tension, relax muscle cramps, clean my yoga mat and any messes from my cat!  Do you need any more reason to try Jubilee for yourself? Ok, I’ll give you one more: this product is cruelty free – no animal testing. 

Ready to let your mind, body and spirit rejoice? Join the Jubilee Me! movement. Visit jubileebrand.com.

Peace. Love. Namaste.


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