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Heart Healthy Nutrition

Be your own Valentine and give your heart the gift of a healthy diet!  In honor of Heart Health Month, we will continue to explore ways to keep your ticker strong and healthy.  This week’s focus is nutrition.

Ever feel stuck when making a grocery list? Or you wander aimlessly down the aisles? Here is a list of the Top 25 Heart Healthy Foods, according to webmd.com.  These foods are loaded with heart-healthy nutrients – add them to your grocery list! 
Click on the link above to read the full article, which includes a guide to the nutrients found in these foods.

  1. Wild Salmon
  2. Ground Flaxseed
  3. Oatmeal
  4. Black or Kidney Beans
  5. Almonds
  6. Walnuts
  7. Red Wine
  8. Tuna
  9. Tofu
  10. Brown Rice
  11. Soy Milk
  12. Blueberries
  13. Carrots
  14. Spinach
  15. Broccoli
  16. Sweet Potato
  17. Red Bell Peppers
  18. Asparagus
  19. Oranges
  20. Tomatoes
  21. Acorn Squash
  22. Cantaloupe
  23. Papya
  24. Dark Chocolate
  25. Tea

I can honestly say that my husband and I buy 20/25 foods listed above regularly and it has made a difference!  By incorporating these foods in combination with regular exercise, we have more energy, sleep better at night, rarely get sick (I can’t remember the last time I called in a sick day) and maintain healthy numbers – weight, BMI, cholesterol, blood pressure.  In a nutshell, we feel AWESOME, and that’s a great way to wake up every morning!

More food for thought: I LOVE to watch documentaries, and here are three thought-provoking, must see films that really make ya say hmmm and think twice about the foods you put in your mouth.  These films also explore deeper issues, such as the pharmaceutical world, curing degenerative diseases and the food revolution.

Food Matters  Let they food by thy medicine and thy medicine be thy food  ~ Hippocrates

Ingredients Explores the health and economic benefits of supporting local farms

Forks Over Knives Examines the claim that most degenerative diseases can be controlled if not cured, by rejecting animal-based and processed foods.

My husband and I are on a documentary kick and watched all three of these films in a row via Netflix; I highly recommend watching them.

Now it’s time for some yoga!  High Lunge or Crescent Lunge is a common pose found in a Vinyasa flow class that can enable you to open your chest, heart and allow all of that energy to flow throughout your body!  If you’re not familiar with Crescent Lunge, click on the link for a picture and description of how to properly get into the pose.

High Lunge or Crescent Lunge: We’ve been working on a variation of this pose in my Vinyasa class that challenges balance, leg strength and opens your heart to the sky!  Once in Crescent Lunge and your feet feel firmly rooted into the ground, bring your hands together above your head in steeple mudra (interlace fingers with index fingers pointing up and thumbs crossed), then gently ease into a back bend.  Be careful not to compromise your spine. Keep your tailbone tucked, tummy tight and keep your biceps by your ears.  Try to raise your chest up as if you want your heart to kiss the sky (lifting your chest will also help you form compressing your lower spine).  Try this variation in your next yoga practice and feel the heart’s energy!

Happy Valentine’s Day yogis and Happy Heart Health Month! What better way to celebrate your heart then with a sweet yoga class followed by some dark chocolate and a glass of red wine!

Peace. Love. Namaste.


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